• Diu

    Diu Head—
    The first point of documented settlement for C. VIII Zoroastrian refugees
    Kathiawar Peninsula, Gujarat

  • Nurse Figurine

    Nurse clay figurine of a female seated on a stool embracing her infant.
    C. 3200 BC [Late Neolithic II] Excavated from Sesklo
    National Archaeological Museum, Athens

  • Haft Sein

    Haft Sein Table
    Mumbai, Nowruz 2019

  • Mumbai
  • Mumbai parrots

    Psittacula krameri
    Mumbai, 2019

  • Surat 3

    Shahenshah Ātash Behram
    Priests' ritual quarters
    Surat, Gujarat

  • Surat 4
  • Cycladic violin figurines

    Schematic violin-shaped figurines
    Early Cycladic I [Bronze age] 3200—2800 BC
    Benaki Museum Collection, Athens.

  • Mumbai 2
  • Mumbai 3

    Kitchen Window—
    Sir Ratan Tata Parsi Colony
    Mumbai, 2019

  • Studio 3
  • Studio 4

    Form studies [Psittacara]
    Mumbai 2019

  • Surat 1

    Qadmi Ātash Behram
    Surat, Gujarat

  • Surat 2
  • Udwada

    World Zoroastrian Organisation
    Udwada, Gujarat

  • Benaki Museum Collection 1

    Sampler panel embroidered with zoological specimens
    and ephemera indicating 'Prika' [Greek dowry]
    motifs fromthe Epirote region.
    Benaki Museum Collection, Athens, Greece.
    Ioannina, Epirus. C. XVIII

  • Benaki Museum Collection 2

    Ottoman era embroidered shawl [C. XVII] on silk.
    Benaki Museum Collection, Athens.

  • Studio 1

    Studio wall
    Mumbai 2019

  • Studio 6

    Lakdawalla family heirloom
    19th C. embroidered shawl featuring stylised vegetal and paisley motifs,
    single-floss silk thread on wool.

  • Villa Necchi Campiglio

    Giorgio Morandi
    Natura Morta, 1953
    Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milan

  • Benaki Museum Collection 3

    Embroidered dowry panels depicting bridal procession
    in silk floss, uncounted threadwork using Byzantine stitch.
    C. XVI Skyros, Sporades.
    Benaki Museum Collection, Athens

  • Sudreh embroidered in studio
  • Studio 2
  • Calcutta Indian Museum Mosaic

    Natural History Wing
    The Indian Museum

  • Mumbai 1

    Chor [formerly 'Shohr'] Bazaar
    Mumbai 2018

  • Udwada 2

    Ilm-E-Khnoom Centre
    Udwada Agiyari [built 1967]

  • Udwada 3
  • Tehran Wall of Kindness

    دیوار مهربانی‎
    Dīvār-E Mehrabānī
    Wall of Kindness
    North Tehran, 2018

  • Sudreh Making 1

    Construction of the Zoroastrian Sudreh
    Markar Museum, Yazd, Iran

  • Tabriz Silk Wall

    Vegetable-dyed skeins of spun silk
    Tabriz, 2018

  • Tabriz Bazaar 1

    Early Zoroastrian & Elamite iconography on Senne Kilim rugs, flat-woven by matriarchs from nomadic tribes around West Azerbaijan. From tutorials with Omid at the Carpet Quarter of the Grand Bazaar of Tabriz.
    Iran, 2018

  • Tabriz Bazaar 2

    A major point between East and West trade routes along the Silk Road. Tabriz's Grand Bazaar is still the world's largest covered market and one of the oldest, with foundations dating back to the 11th Century AD.
    Tabriz, 2018

  • Female Deity Tehran

    Clay Fertility Goddess. Circa 7000 - 6100 BC.
    Neolithic matriarchal cult relic, excavated from Tappeh Sarab (present day Kermanshah).
    From the National Museum of Iran.
    Tehran 2018


    Katayun weaving a Kushti.
    Zoroastrian prayer girdle made of finely
    handspun virgin wool.
    Mumbai 2018

  • Persepolis 2
  • Persepolis 1

    Takht-E-Jamshid, Fars
    Iran, September 2018


    Darning + Embroidery
    Zardozi needlework applied over a repurposed dust rag. Textile and iconograhy
    sourced from the Tata Trust & various Parsi domestic settings.
    Mumbai 2018


    Parsi Gara Embroidery Workshops
    Led by Zenobia Davar
    April 2018

  • Gregg Shorthand Diary (Yasmin Lakdawalla, 1974)

    Gregg Shorthand Notebook, 1972 (extract)
    Courtesy of Yasmin Lakdawalla
    Mumbai, August 2018

  • Studio needlework

    Studio needlework panel (detail)
    Mumbai, June 2018

  • Studio needlework 2

    Marukh & Naju - Parsi Toran weavers
    Mumbai, April 2018

  • Marukh & Naju

    Open-Loom Beaded Torans
    Parsi Heirloom Objects
    Mumbai, April 2018

  • Restoration and needlework

    Restoration and needlework on a 200 year old fragment of Sudreh muslin.
    Handwoven in West Bengal.
    Mumbai, June 2018

  • Everyday cloth

    Everyday cloth: Handwoven 'Katka' rags.
    Customarily woven on smaller looms by younger weaving apprentices, using waste cotton fibres from larger looms. Sourced from various locations around Maharashtra and Gujarat.
    Mumbai, March 2018

  • Tea with Aunt Dolly 2
  • Tea with Aunt Dolly

    Tea with Aunt Dolly. Neighbour and one of our closest friends, who taught two generations of children from the Lakdawalla-Katki family how to embroider, knit and crochet.
    Mumbai, April 2018

  • Mumbai Studio 2
  • Mumbai Studio

    Studio needlework panels (detail)
    Mumbai, May 2018

  • Parsi Fire Temple

    Parsi Fire Temple: Batliwalla Agiary façade.
    Established in 1915
    Mumbai, May 2018

  • Jehangir Art Gallery

    Jehangir Art Gallery.

    Comissioned by Parsi art patron Sir Cowasjee Jehangir in dedication to his late son.
    Built by Durga Bajpai in 1952
    May 2018

  • Jehangir Art Gallery 2


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