Areez Katki is a multidisciplinary artist & textile practitioner from Auckland, New Zealand. Drawing from historic and social research to produce works that address his involvement in a number of practices, Katki’s work focuses on the significance of materiality and processes of fabrication. To remain deeply engaged with textile communities, restoring/reviving needlework techniques and harnessing the warm, grounding effects of craft.

With an Art History background, Areez began crafting a limited series of hand-knitted garments which had their debut at Miss Crabb in 2008. Since then he developed an art practice based on textile & fibre research, focusing on techniques that have been matrilineally inherited. Now culminating in richly contextualised series of textile objects, they encompass an ideology that strives to maintain intimate dialogues between sources & makers in a contemporary art context.

Katki's research-led projects are currently divided between his studio in Auckland, New Zealand and his ancestral home in Mumbai, India. After a nine month-long residency in Mumbai, Areez will be exhibiting his debut solo body of work Bildungsroman at Malcolm Smith Gallery in the Eastern region of Auckland where he grew up.

So far each body of work by Katki has addressed the characteristics of personal heritage, which intrinsically inform one's work as a maker.

Areez   Katki
Areez   Katki


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